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James Veen­hoff has ex­ten­sive ex­pe­ri­ence in the mar­ket­ing and de­vel­op­ment of premi­um brands and is co-founder of Am­s­ter­dam In­ter­na­tion­al Fash­ion Week. He stud­ied busi­ness and an­thro­pol­o­gy and is espe­cial­ly in­ter­est­ed in Brand De­vel­op­ment, Area Brand­ing and the so-called ‘Cre­ative In­dus­tries’. In 2008 he moved back in­to con­sult­ing; he is now part­ner at Am­s­ter­dam-based in­no­va­tion firm Fron­teer Strat­e­gy. As a side pro­ject, he is in­volved in an ini­tia­tive to set up an In­sti­tute for Crafts­man­ship & Sus­tain­abil­i­ty for the den­im in­dus­try called the House of Den­im.

Topic: ...and why not start right here in Am­s­ter­dam?


Vicky Mur­ray is a Se­nior Sus­tain­abil­i­ty Ad­vi­sor at sus­tain­able de­vel­op­ment char­i­ty Fo­rum for the Fu­ture. Vicky is co-au­thor of Fash­ion­ing Sus­tain­abil­i­ty, a re­view of the sus­tain­abil­i­ty im­pacts of the cloth­ing in­dus­try (2007) and Fash­ion Fu­tures 2025, Glob­al sce­nar­ios for a sus­tain­able fash­ion in­dus­try (2010). Over the last six years she has worked with a va­ri­ety of busi­ness­es, in­clud­ing Marks & Spencer and TK Maxx, to help move them to­wards be­ing sus­tain­able and suc­cess­ful.

Topic: Fash­ion Fu­tures 2025

Ken­troy Year­wood stud­ied Fash­ion & De­sign at the Roy­al Acade­my of Fine Arts in Antwerp, lives in Am­s­ter­dam and found­ed the den­im-cen­tric la­bel House of In­tox­i­ca in 2005. He is known for help­ing to pi­oneer the green move­ment in fash­ion and con­tin­ues to ex­plore new and in­no­va­tive ways of work­ing with or­gan­ic ma­te­ri­als, nat­u­ral dy­ing and fin­ish­ing tech­niques and ig­nit­ing pro­gres­sive de­sign. At the last Am­s­ter­dam In­ter­na­tion­al Fash­ion Week he launched the new brand Rank­agu, in­spired by the Japane­se move­ment of RAN­GAKU or ‘Dutch stud­ies’.

Topic: Fash­ion, Sus­tain­abil­i­ty & Ed­u­ca­tion

Ljil­jana Rod­ic Ljil­jana Rod­ic came to the Nether­lands 22 years ago in her pur­suit of ed­u­ca­tion for the en­vi­ron­ment. After her Doc­tor­ate re­search at Delft Uni­ver­si­ty of Tech­nol­o­gy in the field of risk anal­y­sis, she stayed in the academia. She has been fo­cus­ing on ur­ban sus­tain­abil­i­ty con­cepts and re­source man­age­ment ev­er since. Cur­rent­ly she is shar­ing her time be­tween two Se­nior Re­searcher po­si­tions: one at the Cradle to Cradle Aca­demic Chair at Eras­mus Uni­ver­si­ty in Rot­ter­dam, and the other in the En­vi­ron­men­tal Tech­nol­o­gy De­part­ment at Wa­genin­gen Uni­ver­si­ty.

Topic: Fab­ric of life

Tom Duhoux re­ceived a Mas­ters De­gree in Com­mer­cial Engi­neer­ing at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Antwerp. He al­so stud­ied at the In­sti­tut d’Etudes Com­mer­ciales Supérieures in Stras­bourg. In 2005 Tom Duhoux start­ed as a Man­age­ment Trainee at the Van Gansewinkel Group. Be­tween 2007 and 2008 he was Man­ager Op­er­a­tions at Cool­rec UK, the white and brown goods re­cy­cling BU of Van Gansewinkel. As from 2009 he works as here as Pro­ject Man­ager Cradle to Cradle.

Topic: Waste equals food

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